The Venice Biennale

“campo prezioso e da proteggere perché è un luogo della libertà, della riflessione, del sogno e dell’utopia”.Christine Macel

Viva Arte Viva, title chosen for the Biennale 2017, exclamation that celebrates the passion for art, but also the figure of the artist.

The festival will communicate the energy of creativity, bringing together artists from different generations and regions, such as Latin America, Asia, Europe, but also Inuit artists and Kazakhs.


the dates of the events of 2017:

57. International Art Exhibition - May 13> November 26
11. International Contemporary Dance Festival - June 23> July 1
45. International Theatre Festival - July 25> August 12
74. Venice International Film Festival - August 30> September 9
61. International Contemporary Music Festival - September 29> October 8

The 8th edition of the Kids' Carnival is being hold February 18 to 26, and titled "The playrooms".

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