Tour of the Euganean Hills

Discovering the Euganean Hills The Euganean hills offer the ideal starting point for a trip to the Veneto; they are a compendium of natural, historical and artistic beauties. Arquà Petrarca In this town, time seems to have stopped in the Middle Ages. In Arquà, in fact, it is possible to admire buildings that have been […]

Villas, walled cities and villages of the Veneto

Castles, medieval villages, Venetian villas, towers and fortifications will transport you to the atmosphere of an epic past Departure from the hotel  and visit to Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta Built on the remains of an ancient castle, after the purchase by the Contarinis this villa becomes more and more an example of display […]

Vajont and the Lands of Prosecco

This package will allow you to experience your holiday in Veneto with all your senses; to discover the flavours, the smells and to see with your own eyes the beauties that these lands have to offer. Departure from the hotel towards the Caglieron Caves The caves, deeply eroded in sandstone banks, have in part been […]