Tour of the Euganean Hills

1 night package to discover the Euganean Hills *.

The Euganean Hills offer the perfect setting for a trip in Veneto; they are a compendium of natural, historical and artistic beauties.

Arquà Petrarca

Here time seems to stand still in the middle ages. At Arquà, in fact, you can admire buildings that are there from the year 1000. Here is also located the House where the great writer of the Canzoniere lived his last days, now as then, with personal items and memorabilia that describes the poet.

Visit to the Benedictine Abbey of Praglia

One of the most important religious settlements in the Euganean Hills. It is a monastery consisting of various locations, including the four cloisters (botanical, vaulted, chapter room with the refectory and rustic). The oldest part is the Romanesque bell tower. The Church has a Latin cross which was designed by Tullio Lombardo.

Continuation to Torreglia

Chosen by the camaldolese monks to build the Hermitage of Monte Rua, Torreglia is, indeed, the place that with its tranquility conciliate the spirit. You can experience this feeling admiring the scenery that opens from the viewpoint of the cross. Surrounded by the lands, even today you can admire the Fonte Regina from the Roman age, which served as an aqueduct to Padova and Abano. In the quiet hamlet of Luvigliano you see even the splendid Villa dei Vescovi.

Visit to the sanctuary of Monte della Madonna

Founded in ' 300, this temple dedicated to Marian devotion is on top of the hill that gives its name. Restored in recent times, the sancturary today is entrusted to the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Praglia.

End of the tour with the Air and Space Museum at the castle of St. Pelagio

The castle of San Pelagio has medieval origins that can be noticed in the beautiful Watch Tower belonged to the Carrara's family. D'Annunzio lived here for about a year during preparations of the famous flight to Vienna on August 9, 1918, starting from the Castle. Thanks to this historical event the castle was redesigned as the Museum of flight recalling the whole history of human flight.

The offer includes:

  • 1 night in hotel in double room with breakfast included
  • Tour of the Euganean Hills

Total price of €170.00

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* offer valid on reaching the minimum number of 6 people per tour.

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