Villas, walled cities and villages of Veneto

Venetian Villas, castles, medieval villages, towers and fortifications will transport you into the atmosphere of an epic past.

Departure from the hotel and visit to Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta

Built on the ruins of an ancient castle, this villa after being purchased by the Contarini family becomes more and more an example of show off with frescoes and statues and later with stables, the hippodrome and a magnificent park.

Continuation to the walled city of Cittadella

This walled city, one of the best preserved in Europe, was fortified in 1220. It was challanged between the Scaligeri and the Carraresi, remaining finally under the rule of the last one. In 1406 it passed to the Republic of Venice.

Bassano del Grappa

Situated at the foot of Mount Grappa and crossed by the Brenta river this city has an extensive commercial and artisanal tradition. Under the arcades and alleys of the city you can walk around and admire Renaissance palaces and medieval churches. Among the sights of the city there is the wooden bridge designed by Andrea Palladio, located on the Brenta river. This is also known as Ponte degli Alpini because it was rebuilt by Italian alpine troopers after World War II.

Visit to the town of Castelfranco

Town surrounded by quadrilateral walls of the year 1400 with four towers plus the great tower which dominates the side towards Treviso. Worth visiting the Cathedral where there is the famous Pala of Giorgione (here in Castelfranco you can also find the artist's House).

End of the tour with the city of Asolo

The so called "city of a hundred horizons" is one of the most picturesque villages of the Veneto region, both for its scenery and for its history. For this town Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, fell in love and settled here in the magnificent castle given to her by the Venetians. Also the great actress Eleonora Duse, purchased a mansion in the historical district.


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