Euganean Hills

Located a few kilometers from the hotel, the Euganean Hills are a group of hills of volcanic origin that rise, as if they were an archipelago, from the Po-Veneto plain. An area rich in nature, history, food and wine, health that will make your holiday the reason to come back and discover this splendid area.

In the Euganean Hills you can indulge in any sport, within an area protected by the Regional Park: mountain biking, trails, climbing, Nordic walking, horse riding, …

The beauty of the Euganean Hills has inspired important writers, poets and artists, who have left us priceless works over time. Petrarca and Foscolo just to name a few.

Castles, Venetian villas, medieval villages and abbeys are still visible to guests today, nestled among the vineyards and olive groves that give us excellent wine and excellent oil every year. The numerous cellars offer the possibility of tasting high quality products, now recognized all over the world.

And then, let yourself be lulled by the beneficial pleasure of the spa: the warm thermal waters and the treatments of our hotel structures will allow you to enjoy absolute relaxation in an area with a thousand holiday opportunities.