Province of Padua between Food and Wellness

A union between a fertile and generous land and the ingenuity and industriousness of those who cultivate it, of preserving the well-being of the thermal resources and of a millenary culture!
Land of prestigious and recognized varieties, but also oil, ham, radicchio, cheese, the famous Gallina Padovana, the Polverara hen, the goose, the guinea fowl, the capon, the duck, represent a heritage where find the synthesis of history, traditions and gastronomy!
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Taste the well-known Prosciutto Veneto-Berico-Euganeo PDO, studded with splendid medieval walls perfectly preserved.

Regional Park of the Euganean Hills: between typical dishes and wellness
Naturalistic oasis rich in biodiversity. Profile now steep and steep, now soft and colorful: woods, olive groves, vineyards observed by an extraordinary monumental heritage that includes villas, castles, abbeys and villages!
Welfare! Euganean area renowned for its thermal resources: Terme euganee of Abano, Montegrotto and Galzignano.

The Castle as an impressive complex of buildings between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries, jealous of its works dating back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Do not forget the historic 16th century Palladian villa: Villa Emo

Arquà Petrarca and Garden of Villa Barbarigo
Land that took care of the vate Francesco Petrarca in recent years and that still takes care of the house, the grave and much more, of the famous poet!
The Garden of Villa Barbarigo is one of the most important and complete historical gardens of Europe for Beauty, monumentality and vitality: fountains, streams, waterfalls, water jokes and fish ponds.

Historical city, religious destination, artistic and university, but also social and youthful!
Scrovegni Chapel, Duomo, Bailica di S. Antonio, Prato della Valle, these are just a few names that have brought this medieval city to an international reputation!

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