Vajont dam and the lands of Prosecco wine

This package allows you to feel with all your senses your holiday in Veneto; to discover the flavours, scents and see with your own eyes the beauty that these lands have to offer.

Departure from the hotel to the Caglieron caves

The complex of the Caglieron caves is located in the resort of Breda di Fregona, nearVittorio Veneto; it consists of a very deep gorge cut into the calcareous rock of the Caglieron torrent, and of a series of man-made caves in the canyon walls.

Visit the Vajont dam

The Vajont Dam is situated in Erto, one of the towns that make up the territory of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park.

Unfortunately, the Vajont Dam staged the tragedy caused by the landslide of Mount Tocinto the artificial lake of the dam, which caused death and devastation in the underlying valley. It was October 9, 1963.

Visit to Valdobbiadene

Here, the landscape is dominated by the vineyards of the famous Prosecco; quality wine produced in these lands. The parish church, the 14th-century origins but as neoclassical, contains works by Palma il Giovane.

End of the tour in Conegliano

It is the city of Giambattista Cima and preserves the birthplace and a beautiful altarpiece in the Cathedral, depicting a "sacred conversation." Via XX Settembre is the artery of the city's history, here there are: the Cathedral, la Scuola dei Battuti with external frescoes by Pozzoserrato restored a few years ago and palaces. Along the ancient carraresi's walls, there is the access to the Castle. You should also visit the wine school.


The offer includes:

  • 1 night in hotel in double room with breakfast included
  • Tour of the lands and cities of the area of Prosecco


Total price to 170.00 €

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* offer valid on reaching the minimum number of 6 people per tour

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