Venetian villas and Coast of the Brenta in Bike

The River of the Brenta conceals a big opportunity for the lovers of bicycling, or for the one that simply wants an escape of relax from the chaotic urban environment to let him contaminate from the green of the nature and its calm.

Caressed by the wind and by the sun, you have the possibility to cross all or partly the Coast, accompanied from his/her characteristic flora and from the marvelous Venetian Villas patrimony of Veneto.

The hotel angi will know how to recommend you the good journey in base to your demands, to offer you a service rent-bike for a lighter trip and information on the territory.

Upon return or departure, you can refresh yourself, or prepare yourself, with a vitamin charge! Hotel Angi has a wide range of fresh fruit for a natural, energetic and wellness extract!

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