Venice and its jealousy in the dishes, wines and Spritz!

It's hard to say if the Venetians would prefer the fascinating rooms of the Doge's Apartment in Palazzo Ducale or its Spritz.
A range of products able to meet every need and experience, with cheese, salami, fish, vegetable products such as asparagus, radicchio and artichoke, and an enoteca that can accompany all of its variety between red and white wines.


Little Venice! City of sea and land, with the 4 main islands offers picturesque corners, a rich historical center and fishing boat.
We recommend: the fish and the radicchio chioggia


Bacari Tour!

Venetian jealous tradition: a walk through the alleys and alleyways, sipping wines and cocktails accompanied by cicchetti (small samples of all the Veneziani flavors). You will cross the inevitable inimitable international landmarks such as Piazza San Marco, the Basilica and the Palazzo Ducale, between a Wine, a Spritz and Laughter...probably due to alcohol! ;)


Porches, villas, gardens, but also wine-bars, pubs, disco-bars and lively social life.


Place of famous agricultural productions especially on horticulture! Many witness it, among villas, parties and traditional events.

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- B & B package customized to your needs
- Shuttle Service
- Itineraries on culinary places (restaurants, cellars, farms ...)
- Itineraries on cultural sites (museums, squares, villas ...)
- Package reservations

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