Villa Pisani

The Queen of the Venetian Villas

The Queen of the Villas, heritage of the Veneto and main tourist destination Veneta. Villa Pisani stands along the striking Rivera del Brenta, typical for its colors and flora, where history has not been spared, making it a vital knot of this people.

The Pisani noble summer house has hosted, in its 114 rooms, doges, kings and emperors, like Napoleon Bonaporte, whose bed can still be found there.

The villa is inspired by the Palace of Versailles, with a huge park famous for its labyrinth, English garden, exedra and orangery.

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Villa Pisani just 4 km from the Hotel Angi.

The hotel has for you the service rent-bike so that to be able to taste you to full the Coast of the Brenta and its Villas.

Call us to discover of further packets and services as the transfer and the famous Burchiello.

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